Development Opportunities

ABP has 5000 hectares of port estate within our 21 ports across the UK. 900 hectares of this is land available for development. 

New industry teams have been developed, for each sector, as centres of excellence in their area. Each industry team leader is an expert in thier subject matter are are available to provide a seamless experience for customers to maximise their development and/or rent opportunities. 

ABP aims to provide core business support, Group Property deals with port master planning, regional spatial planning, valuation, estate management, property development, and the acquisition and disposal of land.

ABP surveyors deal with a broad spectrum of tenants ranging from sole traders to international conglomerates.  The key departmental objectives are to grow ABP Property values, maximise revenue opportunities for all parties involved, and ensure that the port estates are managed in a legally compliant and professional manner. 

Some development projects ABP and its customers have been working on include:

  • Green Port Hull: ABP Humber is working with Siemens on the £310m Green Port Hull development, a wind turbine blade manufacturing, assembly and servicing facility on the Alexandra Dock.
  • Southampton SCT5: A purpose built terminal SCT5 was built to handle the biggest ships in the world.
  • Barry Solar Farm: Plans are advanced for an 8mw solar farm using energy from the sun to power the equivalent of up to 2,000 homes.
  • Dry Bulks Shed Ipswich: This £2.2 million investment on the Ipswich port estate is 3,700 square meters and uses solar panels and LED lighting to reduce our carbon footprint. 
  • HIT 1 & 2: The state-of-the-art Humber International Terminals (HIT) 1 and 2 can handle up to 10 million tonnes of coal each year.

ABP is constantly reviewing Land Use Planning to create the basis to respond to changes in market demand for port operations. Visit our locations or speak to an industry team leader to find out more about how ABP can work with you.